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Intro to Huget, the Lone Guard

The idea for Huget started actually really different than how he is right now. In my mind I wanted to create a kind of male “holy” executioner with the style from Dishonored 2 for a long time. However, while searching for existing concepts I found out that I liked the idea of making a warrior more as it was something that was still missing from my portfolio. I ended up with two moodboards; one for the holy character and one for my warrior, but in the end I combined them. Making not a full holy character, but not a knight in shining armor either. The theme would be a classic medieval knight story.

Thus Huget was born. I liked to fantasize about  his backstory during sculpting. His clothing gave away that he is not a fighter in combat, more a character on the roads/ on a horse. However, his face showed a strong character, like a general perhaps. Thus I began working on the story;

Part of the queens-guard he was. The “invincible” Huget, never defeated in battle and ready to give his life for the queen. That day came too soon. The castle was under siege, soldiers were falling left and right. Huget was the only one standing between the queen and their enemy, when a mysterious knight appeared. A duel, between him and the knight, the winner would flee the kingdom. The invincible Huget, only to be not invincible when it was needed most. Cut down and left to be executed he fled with the Queen, hoping to find allies. He now travels around the kingdom, cutting down enemy generals one by one and rallying allies to take back their kingdom.

The poses that I intended to make for him would show a story about how he spots an enemy general, silently runs closer, to execute him in combat. These poses would have great variety, but also a nice change of expressions that I would be able to show.

Final Thoughts.

This was a wonderful journey from beginning to end. I learned a lot and even managed to make my best model to date! Using the steps that were provided in the brief really helped me with reaching the next level. But even though I am very happy with this model, there are always parts that can be improved. On first sight everything looks pretty much ok by me, but once you look closer and start inspecting the model you can see the many mistakes I made, as you were able to read in the document.

Some of it was because I was able to just spend two and a half week. A half one for research and two for the model. But quite some are also because I was messy. Normally you are able to fix those messy parts by having more time for it. The biggest part that annoys me is the lack of asymmetry. I enjoy the final design, but as a guard on the road Huget definitely would have needed some accessories. Also the topology on the knees is something basic that I did wrong, it should not have happened. If I would have made the model another time I would make a more complicated and thoughtful design, and try to get it more closely to the Dishonored style. This time I mostly used my own style because it was easy, next time I want to challenge myself more. Normally when I pose my characters I just use a basic standing pose. This time, being pressured in making more unique poses really resulted in a character that has more personality.

All in all this was an amazing experience.


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